What Parents Say About Swim Lessons With Mrs. Holly:

We are so EXCITED to be doing lessons with you again. Riley had a blast last year, and we couldn’t believe how much he learned in just two weeks. Thank you for what you do. Since he is a special needs kiddo, it means everything to find someone that is both open to having him and delivers a program we feel safe and comfortable with. We love your classes and team! Thanks for what you do!

-Britni Corrigan 2016

Holly has an incredible ability to connect with and teach all types of children. She has taught 3 of my children to swim, and all 3 of them had different concerns about being in the water. Now, it’s so fun to see them enjoying water together! It was especially a blessing to watch how she encouraged my most fearful child. ( she had taken swim lessons from another place twice before and still was not swimming). But, by the end of the week with Holly, she was all smiles and swimming across the pool with her face in the water!! My children love Ms. Holly and her crew of instructors! I love recommending her to other families!

Lauren Chipman 2014-2016

We had an excellent experience with Ms. Holly’s swimming lessons! Both of our girls gained confidence in the pool and great pool safety skills. Taking lessons twice in the same summer was especially beneficial, as they had lots of opportunities to practice and maintain their newly learned skills all summer long.

Kerri Brackney 2016

We started with Mrs. Holly in Mommy and Me classes when my son was an infant. He is now four years old. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for the confidence she has given him in the water! He is such a little fish, thanks to Holly and her wonderful support team. We are so happy that he enjoys the water and is learning from the best! Can’t say enough about this lovely, kind woman and the gift she gives to families with children. ❤

Bethany Goolsby 2016

We want to send a thank you to you and all your help for swim lessons this summer for Jude. I can’t tell you how much we appreciate all your work, patience and the fun you provide for them to help the kids and their parents feel more safe and comfortable around water. Jude was fearful and did not want any water to touch his head before lessons and after the first week + a day he was excited to go to lessons and was swimming! He was actually swimming with his head down in the water! We are committed to continue working with Him after this massive movement forward.

Melissa Hoekstra 2016

My twins love playing in Mrs. Holly’s pool. I say playing because that’s the technique she uses. Bella and Peo have learned how to swim through play, and it’s been an amazing experience. The loving environment that all of the teachers create is wonderful and refreshing. Thank you so much for giving my 4 yr olds confidence in the pool and we will definitely be back next summer!

Stephanie Hughes 2014

Thank you for teaching Carlisle to swim! I am so excited to report that while we were at the beach she swam the length of the pool using her swim moves and ‘turtle’ to catch her breath. She went from refusing to putting her face in the water the day before we brought her to you to now jumping off the diving board at the U Club. We are so amazed at what you were able to accomplish in 2 weeks one hour per day! I already have a calendar reminder in January to sign her up for another weekend to sign Hattie up for lessons next summer. Thanks again! It has been so exciting and amazing to see Carlisle delight in her progress.

Ashley Martin 2015

Thank you so much for all of your patience with my boys these last few weeks. You and your teachers are always so kind and loving to me and my kids and it means so much. We have been to the pool twice since Friday and Benjamin loves it and is gaining more and more confidence and trying so much more on his own. And surprisingly enough Graham is loving the pool too and asking to go back again and again and has really improved so much from 2 weeks ago. I just wanted to say again how great of a job you guys do over there and how much it means that you really care about my kids while teaching them to swim. Also…I think your daughters are gems. Shelby was especially Graham’s guardian angel !

Kim Perry 2015

Thank you so much Shelby for your dedication to helping Timothy learn to swim. He has gained so much confidence from your lessons and your encouragement. We are so proud of him and his accomplishments. We are so looking forward to training with you again next summer!

Glenda Jones 2015