Private Lessons

Private lessons include five 30 minute lessons, Monday-Friday, for 1 week. Private lessons are a great alternative if your child missed the age cut off date (3 1/2 by December 31, 2021) for group lessons.

Priority for Private Lessons will be given to children with special needs and children we think that will do better in a 1-1 setting. 

Cost:  $250.00 for five 30 minute lessons every weekday for 1 week


Savannah Forsythe, my oldest daughter, has her masters and is a special education teacher at a local high school.

Shelby Adams, my youngest daughter, has her masters in Speech-Language Pathology and works at a local elementary school.

Zuzu Pierce is studying nursing at the University of Memphis.

Eva Daughhetee is on a rodeo scholarship at the University of Montana & is studying.

Leigh Bruno is a Senior at White Station High School and swims competitively throughout the year.

Private Lesson Reminders: 

Bring:  Please bring your child already dressed in a bathing suit, with a towel and goggles with their name on the strap.  Level 5 students need to bring goggles, a mask, snorkel, and fins. 

Parking:  1742 Carruthers Pl 38112 is our address. Please park in front of the house, not in our driveway.

How It Works:  You are welcome to sit and watch lessons.  If your child leaves the pool and comes over to you, please take them back to the pool. Sometimes your teacher may think that your child might do better with you not sitting in the pool yard.  If this is the case, you may be asked to step outside the gate or sit on the front porch.  We want to avoid having to play “tug-a-war” with your child. 

Rain: Please do not assume that lessons are canceled because it is raining at your house. It may not be raining here!  If a lesson is canceled, it will be made up on Saturday of that same week at the same time. We will send out a cancellation text message through our scheduling system with the phone number you provided during registration.

Make Up Lessons:  We only make up for bad weather and if your child gets sick or injured.  We are unable to make up for vacations, birthday parties, or sporting events.   Make up days are always on Saturday at the same time as the scheduled weekly lesson. With the number of children and lessons involved we have to hold to this policy.  Thank you for understanding.


Notice Given to Me Before the First Day of Child’s Lesson Refund Amount Given
14 or more days 90% Refund
7-13 days 50% Refund
less than 7 days & no shows No Refund