My 4 and 10 year old were fortunate enough to take private lessons with Savannah and Zuzu. From day one, I was stunned at how much they learned! Savannah and Zuzu have the patience of saints with great senses of humor- both vital in dealing with my boys- while challenging them to learn techniques and swim farther. My 10 year old has always been hesitant to do the backstroke and never really learned the butterfly. He can now do both thanks to Savannah’s willingness to break down each stroke and encourage him along the way. Zuzu never wavered in her ability to teach my 4 year old how to hold his breath and blow bubbles, stack his hands before starting a stroke, and kick on top of the water. She was phenomenal about incorporating characters and toys into the lesson, which kept him entertained, too. I was so impressed with how much they learned that I signed them both up for group lessons later this summer and already have it marked on my calendar to register them as soon as I can for next year. Everyone deserves to have this level of quality when taking swim lessons. I am incredibly grateful to Mrs. Holly and her staff for their obvious passion for teaching swimming and water safety.

Jana Radford 2020