What Parents Say About Swim Lessons With Mrs. Holly:

My oldest was in Level 1 with Mrs. Holly this summer, and I did the Mommy & Me class with my youngest. Both kids had precious little exposure to swimming, and I was astounded by how much they learned, how comfortable they were in the water, and how proud of themselves they were! Mrs. Holly truly understands child development, and fosters self-confidence in her students through structured instruction as well as playtime. The kids also learn the importance of water safety. I am so grateful for Mrs. Holly! We will be back next year!

Dr. Leah Windsor 2018

We had previously tried both private swim lessons and another location for group lessons prior to coming to Mrs. Holly.  While both were fine, nothing equaled the experience my son received with Mrs. Holly.   Before his lessons with Mrs. Holly, my son’s over confidence around water did not equal safe swimming.  By the end of the week, my four year old was able to match his over confident self with real swimming skills – all done in a loving, positive environment conducive to learning. We cannot thank Mrs. Holly and her staff enough and cannot now imagine taking swim lessons anywhere else.

Cindi Pitts 2018

I can’t tell you how pleased I am with Louden and Caroline’s progress over the years. They have turned into little fish! 😊 If they could come every week they would! They enjoyed last week and are proud of their new skills! I appreciate that not only are they being taught how to swim but they are also being taught how to be safe in the water. That is so important to me! Shelby, Savannah, and Grayson are ALL amazing!!! Can’t thank you all enough! We look forward to seeing you again next time! Have a great summer!

Cindy Hanson 2018

When we moved across the country last summer, getting swimming lessons in before we left was a top priority! Not only last year—this year, we traveled back to Memphis especially in time to get our lessons in again! My girls are so far ahead of everyone we’ve encountered for their age in our new town. I am so thankful for Mrs. Holly and her wonderful teaching staff—their organized method, purposeful verbal cues, and calm demeanors help make it a memorable and highly effective way to learn to swim. We now live in a lake town, and I am so glad our girls are such confident swimmers. We will definitely be back with little brother!

Leslie Jerkins 2018

Mrs. Holly and the rest of her crew at Move Water…Swim!!! have a method that was simple enough for our daughter to remember and repeat, and strong enough to reinforce the basic swimming principles she needed to swim safely and ON HER OWN in a pool. After 2 back-to-back weeks of lessons, our 4-yr old went from nervously getting dropped off, to jumping out of the car to see Mrs. Holly and crew. Instead of fear of floating on her back, getting her face wet, or being too far away from one of us (or the wall), she’s now mostly concerned that we’ll make her take a break from jumping in and swimming around and doing “handstands” long enough to catch her breath! We LOVE Move Water… SWIM!!!

Martha Carter 2018

Wow, we are blown away by our experience already! Silas said Vincent did the things in his first lesson that were planned for the Wednesday lesson. We are having so much fun! Vincent spent bath time underwater last night 😆 We think Mr. Silas is just the best ever and I am giddy for lesson 2 today. I gotta tell you, when Silas had Vincent kicking around the pool really fast, Vincent was shouting “I’m going fast like a motorcycle! Like an all terrain vehicle!” Hahaha! This is why we wanted to do private lessons because Vincent has a very active imagination & wants to rope people into his scenes 😆

Misti Rae Holton 2018

I cannot say how thrilled we are with our experience with Shelby. She has managed to put our daughter’s fears aside and is able to give her confidence in the water. Our daughter loves taking lessons from Shelby. We look forward to more lessons next summer!

Michelle Karl 2018

Miss Holly & Team- 

Thank you for a wonderful week of swim lessons! And thank you for instilling confidence and bravery into my girls. See you next summer 🙂

Andrea Morgan 2018