What Parents Say About Swim Lessons With Move Water Swim:

My husband and I sent our children to Move Water Swim for the first time and we were amazed at what they were able to accomplish after just one week. Both children were comfortable going in the water without their swim vests and they were even excited about going under to get sinkies. Our son was loving jumping into the deep end and swimming back to the side. Our daughter got to complete a second week of lessons and when we went on vacation she was confident in the water. She was using great technique and was able to swim with everyone without a floating device. You could have easily thought she had been taking lessons for more than two weeks. She was able to freestyle, do the back stroke, and even dive some. We couldn’t keep either of our children out of the water. We will definitely be sending our children back for more lessons.

Jackie Butts, 2023

My 2 and 4 year olds both learned so much at Move Water Swim.  My older child was fearful before class, and by the end of her first Level 1 class, did not want to come home.  The Parent and Child class was a great way for my toddler and I to play and learn together, and it gave me great tools for playing with her in the pool for the rest of the summer.  We’ve been swimming at an indoor pool this winter, and it is my children’s favorite activity.  Thank you so much, Move Water Swim, for helping my kids get started with such an important lifelong skill.

Jill Samuels, 2022

We absolutely love Move Water Swim. The whole group of instructors there is so instinctively good with kids. I’ve always wanted my children to learn how to swim as young as possible, and I am consistently amazed at the results they produce. I have sent 2 children to the classes, spanning 3 total summers, and both of my kids look forward to every day. My 6 year old is straight up a swimmer now. My youngest son had an experience when swimming with us that got him skiddish of water, but the teachers worked amazingly well with him after that to help him overcome it at his pace. Even though these are group lessons, I feel my kids are treated very individually. I couldn’t recommend these lessons and these people any higher. They’re true wizards at what they do, and we look forward to sending all of our kids there every summer, knowing they’re going to learn in a positive environment while having fun.

Daniel Wells, 2022

Mrs. Holly, Savannah & Shelby were recommended to us two years ago by a friend. At the time, my 4 year old was afraid to put his face in the water despite having been around a pool his entire life. My son was swimming by the end of the week and taught him to dive this summer! My 3 year old also attended class this summer for the first time and is able to swim short distances, unassisted, after one week. We couldn’t be happier with the progress we’ve seen in our two boys! It makes the drive from Collierville worth every second!

Lauren Duclos, 2022

What an incredible program! We have tried many others around the area and it is here at Move Water Swim that my 4 year old daughter finally learned to swim and conquered her anxiety! In a matter of days she went from scared and not wanting to swim to being so proud of herself and excited to go to lessons. I am still amazed every time I think of it! She begs to swim now and wants to show me everything she learned. Logistically the lessons were great. Carpool worked well, pictures, videos and evaluations were fun to see and thoughtful. We will be back next year! I have been telling all my mom friends how amazing this place is. The parent and me class that I did with my 2 year old son was also truly one of the most fun activities we have done together as a full time working parent. If you have a little one and can squeeze that class into your schedule, I would highly encourage it.

Ann Schnuerer, 2022

We knew in advance from all the wonderful things we’d heard over the years that our son was in great hands, but what we didn’t expect and saw over the week was such a transformation in confidence as well as trust in others to teach and lead him. He had the biggest, brightest, beaming smile at the end of each lesson. Thank you Mrs. Holly and team for creating a wonderful atmosphere for kids to thrive in more than just swimming!

Catherine Lencke, 2021

We have been exceedingly impressed with the swimming lessons and outcomes of both my seven-year-old twins. The instructors are amazing. They are so dedicated and the genuine passion for their job is exhibited in their direct interaction with the children! My daughter is swimming like a little fish. My son who is autistic, has been attending for two years and has made such great growth in swimming. They are both thriving with Move Water Swim! My twins loved every moment of swimming lessons. We can’t wait for next Summer‘s lessons to begin!

Stacy Gardner, 2021

Mrs. Holly and her crew are awesome. My 5 year old learned to swim in a week and now loves diving to the bottom of pools. No floaties. Now just a little dolphin. And they were VERY careful about safety and COVID-19 protocols.

Jay Adkins, 2020

If you have a child absolutely terrified of the water, send him or her to Ms. Holly!  She and her staff are amazing!  Our family loves going to the pool, lake, beach or really anything with water and our son quickly developed a fear around water.  We decided to try swim lessons to help him see swimming as a fun activity.  If I’m being completely honest, I didn’t expect much and my only goal was for him to be less timid around water.   After Ms. Holly and her staff worked with him just a few times, I was amazed at his progress.  Our boy can swim!  He went from barely putting his face in the water to jumping off the side of the pool and swimming to us.  He loves all Ms. Holly’s techniques and games, especially “going to sleep” on top of the water and the “ice-cream game”.  He’s asking to go to the pool daily and his little sister is already mimicking what he’s learned.  Ms. Holly’s swimming classes are some of the best things we’ve invested in this summer.  You will not be disappointed!

Shelley Wachob, 2020

Thank you so much for your wonderful swim school. We haven’t seen Will this excited about something in weeks. Every day he can’t wait to get there to see what new swim toys will be out and he tells me all about it when we get in the car. We’ve been going swimming after class each day this week and I can already see improvements. He was so excited to show me his turtle breaths today and I couldn’t believe how much better he is getting taking breaths in the water.

Katherine Riederer, 2020

My oldest was in Level 1 with Mrs. Holly this summer, and I did the Mommy & Me class with my youngest. Both kids had precious little exposure to swimming, and I was astounded by how much they learned, how comfortable they were in the water, and how proud of themselves they were! Mrs. Holly truly understands child development, and fosters self-confidence in her students through structured instruction as well as playtime. The kids also learn the importance of water safety. I am so grateful for Mrs. Holly! We will be back next year!

Dr. Leah Windsor, 2018

Mrs. Holly and the rest of her crew at Move Water…Swim!!! have a method that was simple enough for our daughter to remember and repeat, and strong enough to reinforce the basic swimming principles she needed to swim safely and ON HER OWN in a pool. After 2 back-to-back weeks of lessons, our 4-yr old went from nervously getting dropped off, to jumping out of the car to see Mrs. Holly and crew. Instead of fear of floating on her back, getting her face wet, or being too far away from one of us (or the wall), she’s now mostly concerned that we’ll make her take a break from jumping in and swimming around and doing “handstands” long enough to catch her breath! We LOVE Move Water… SWIM!!!

Martha Carter, 2018