Group Lessons

Two swimming levels are taught each hour, to help accommodate those with several children. Check the schedule for available classes. I have tried my best to give you several options. Each group has an adult teacher and a helper.  I split my time between both groups of children.   There are 5-6 children in a group, depending on the level.  If you need a description of my levels, please see the videos on the home page or email me at

Cost:  $200 for five 1-hour lessons every weekday for 1 week

$210 for the Junior Lifesaving Class

$155 for the Parent & Me Class

How many weeks should my child take?  I suggest 2 weeks in the same summer for Levels 1 & 2.  The repetition really helps the children get comfortable and swim farther!

Bring:  Please bring your child already dressed in a swim suit and flip-flops they can easily get on and off themselves, as well as a towel and goggles with their name on the strap.  In addition to goggles, Level 5 students need to bring a mask, snorkel, and fins.

Drop Off & Pick Up: 1742 Carruthers Pl 38112 is my address. It is really important for carpool to run as smoothly as possible with the number of children we teach each summer. Please turn onto my street from Hawthorne. If you enter Carruthers Place from Evergreen, you will be driving on the opposite side of the road from my house. This would make it difficult for drop off and pick up as my neighbors have asked that the parents do not turn around in their drive-ways in an effort to get into the carpool line. We will be waiting for you 5 minutes before lessons start. Once you have turned onto Carruthers from Hawthorne, please get in line and wait for us to direct you to one of the cones where you will drop off or pick up your child since parents do not stay for group lessons. Please do not park and walk your child to us or block my neighbors’ driveways as you are waiting!

Rain: Please wait to call 276-5259 45 minutes before your child’s lesson for a cancellation message on my answering machine.  Please do not assume that lessons are canceled because it is raining at your house. It may not be raining here. If I have to cancel an entire lesson, we will make it up on that Saturday at the same time. If I have to cancel part of the lesson, we will go longer on other days. The Junior Lifesaving class will meet rain or shine. (We can go inside and do our classwork.)

Make Up Lessons:  We only make up for bad weather, if your child gets sick or injured, or a family emergency.  We are unable to make up for vacations, birthday parties, or sporting events.   Make up days are always on Saturday at the same time as the scheduled weekly lesson. With the number of children and lessons involved we have to hold to this policy.  Thank you for understanding.

Celebration Day:  Please come the last 30 MINUTES of class on Friday.   All family members are welcome!  All siblings are invited to swim during play time at the end.  


Notice Given to Me Before the First Day of Child’s Lesson Refund Amount Given
14 or more days 90% Refund
7-13 days 50% Refund
less than 7 days & no shows No Refund