What an incredible program! We have tried many others around the area and it is here at Move Water Swim that my 4 year old daughter finally learned to swim and conquered her anxiety! In a matter of days she went from scared and not wanting to swim to being so proud of herself and excited to go to lessons. I am still amazed every time I think of it! She begs to swim now and wants to show me everything she learned. Logistically the lessons were great. Carpool worked well, pictures, videos and evaluations were fun to see and thoughtful. We will be back next year! I have been telling all my mom friends how amazing this place is. The parent and me class that I did with my 2 year old son was also truly one of the most fun activities we have done together as a full time working parent. If you have a little one and can squeeze that class into your schedule, I would highly encourage it.

Ann Schnuerer, 2022