If you have a child absolutely terrified of the water, send him or her to Ms. Holly!  She and her staff are amazing!  Our family loves going to the pool, lake, beach or really anything with water and our son quickly developed a fear around water.  We decided to try swim lessons to help him see swimming as a fun activity.  If I’m being completely honest, I didn’t expect much and my only goal was for him to be less timid around water.   After Ms. Holly and her staff worked with him just a few times, I was amazed at his progress.  Our boy can swim!  He went from barely putting his face in the water to jumping off the side of the pool and swimming to us.  He loves all Ms. Holly’s techniques and games, especially “going to sleep” on top of the water and the “ice-cream game”.  He’s asking to go to the pool daily and his little sister is already mimicking what he’s learned.  Ms. Holly’s swimming classes are some of the best things we’ve invested in this summer.  You will not be disappointed!

Shelley Wachob, 2020